A baby girl kills her mother in a terrible way

A two-year-old girl killed her mother in a shocking way when she accidentally pressed the key to close the car's window, locking her in the neck and losing her soul, the Sun newspaper reported.

Yulia Charkom, who was celebrating her 21st birthday from Belarus, lost her life on August 31, due to suffocation.

Artur found his unconscious wife Yulia shortly after the accident, breaking the window to pull her dead body out of the car, and the mother died of two children eight days after the tragic accident due to suffocation that led to brain damage.

"Her brain suffered severely due to anoxia and the arteries were unable to pump blood," the medical report said.

"Her husband found her unconscious, her neck crammed next to the window of the front left door of their family car," said Dmitry Ivanyuk of the inquiry commission in Belarus, adding that the stricken mother was taken to Brest Regional Hospital in serious condition with signs of suffocation.


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