Two youths burned lighterly in Sudan and one died

A young Sudanese man was burnt and another badly burned because one of them lit a lighter in a room where he kept a gallon of gasoline in the Hafir region of Sudan's northern state.

The details of this incident is due to the leadership of the young Abu Dhar Mutasem motorbike and while searching for gasoline entered into one of the rooms filled with furniture and gallons of gasoline, and because of the darkness inside the room his friend tried to set the lighter in search of a key to the lighting, there was a huge explosion inside the room led to their burning.

Upon hearing the blast, family members rushed to rescue them and forced them out through the window after they could not open the door.

The incident led to the death of one of the two young men, while the young Abu Dhar was injured by a first-degree fire and the first to the hospital.


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