Ashtiyeh: The Jordan Valley is an integral part of Palestinian geography

 Prime Minister Mohammad Ashtiyeh said the Jordan Valley is an integral part of Palestinian geography and that the Israeli prime minister's talk of annexing it if he is re-elected is invalid.


This came during a weekly government meeting held on Monday in the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley.

"We are here to support the steadfastness of our people in the Jordan Valley by supporting them on issues related to livestock breeders and water reservoirs, and the rehabilitation of the Roman pond that will feed more than 3,500 acres," the prime minister said.

Ashtayeh added, "Like the announcement of agricultural clusters in Qalqilya, Tulkarem, Jenin and Tubas, will extend to the Jordan Valley, where investment will be in those areas, we have the possibilities to invest, albeit modest, in cooperation with our international partners," pointing out that the Jordan Valley is a major compound of land Palestinian, this basket of vegetables and fruits of Palestine.

He pointed out that Israel will be sued in international courts for its exploitation of the Jordan Valley, where more than a million palm trees have been planted since 67 to this day, pointing out that Netanyahu's talk about the annexation of the Jordan Valley is not a new topic, where he talked about the project "Alon" in 1967 and 1968, then came the Likud government in 1977 and closed the so-called "Verd Jericho" and "Mitzvah Jericho."

The Prime Minister added that the settlements in the Jordan Valley export about 261 million dollars of goods and services, thanking the international community, which labeled the goods of settlements, and now dialogue with the world in order to prevent the entry of all goods of settlements and considered illegal and illegal.

He thanked all Arab and European countries that condemned the Israeli decision to annex the Jordan Valley, such as the decision of the Islamic Conference held yesterday, to condemn the Israeli move.


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