At the last minute, Netanyahu continues to rally the settlers´ voices with his statements on sovereignty in the West Bank

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to win as many votes as possible, especially among settlers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, by launching statements on the imposition of sovereignty on West Bank settlements and a military operation against Hamas. Sector.

In his latest remarks, Netanyahu said on Monday morning, the Israeli army radio that he would not accept any peace plan uprooting any of the settlers in the West Bank, stressing that he would work to apply sovereignty in the settlements of Kiryat Arba and outposts in Hebron.

Netanyahu appeared last night on Channel 13, responding to a question about remarks by far-rightist Zionist Smerch whether he could say "no" to US President Donald Trump on the deal of the century, which is due to be published after the Israeli elections to be held tomorrow.

"I told the Americans we would not accept that we would be uprooted from here," he told CNN. "I'm sure I will tell President Trump no to the plan if I have to."

In recent days, he repeated his remarks that the deal of the century actually included a step to apply Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements, while he would announce himself applying sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea settlements after the elections.


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