New iPhone with better cameras

(Reuters) - Apple in the new generation of iPhone phones, betting strongly on the best cameras, in order to stimulate sales of the company's most important products after the decline in the company's most important product, devices IPhone.

The iPhone 11 replaces the iPhone XR with a night mode that helps capture good images during poor light conditions.

Behind the wide-angle lens, the designers of the new phone are seeking high-quality images, not just enlarging the circle.

The company launched the iPhone 11 Pro on the new phone that will succeed the iPhone XS, which was the peak of the company's products so far.

The phone, unveiled by the company on Tuesday, was equipped with three cameras, a camera with a standard focal length and another with a telephoto lens and a third camera at a very wide angle.

Apple has continued to improve the processor of its phones in order to increase the capabilities of the devices for good image editing, where the company provided its new phone chip A13, which was developed by the company itself.

The new phone will be able to take selfies, selfies, slow, using the front camera of the device.

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