More than 22 thousand shekels fines for the children in Ofer in August

The total number of fines imposed on minors held in Ofer prison in August exceeded 22,000 shekels, the Palestinian Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority said in a report.

In its report, 21 minors were admitted to the Cubs Prisoners Section during the past month, 17 of whom were arrested from homes, 1 from roads, 2 for lack of permits, and one who was detained after being called.

Among the Cubs captured during the month were two prisoners who were brutally assaulted and beaten during their detention.

The Commission pointed out that the number of children sentenced to the same month 15 cubs, note that the number of minors currently languishing in the prisons of the occupation (220 children) 95 of them are in Ofer prison.

The Prisoners 'Committee considered that the Israeli courts' practice of imposing heavy fines on children prisoners is an act of retaliation and arbitrary punishment for the occupation of prisoners and their families, in order to restrict them and burdens them by paying fictitious sums, in light of the difficult economic conditions experienced by the people. The Palestinian.


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