5 prisoners injured in the crackdown on Gilboa prison

 Five prisoners were injured during the brutal raid on Gilboa prison last week.

The Prisoners 'and Editors' Affairs Authority published the statements of the prisoners, which explained that the detainee witnessed a state of tension and boiling over the past week, after the special repression units stormed the rooms and sections of the prisoners under the pretext of conducting inspections, where they were assaulted and abused, and sabotage their property in a barbaric and provocative manner.

The Commission's report revealed that five prisoners were injured during the incursion: 1. Yousef Nazzal, who was severely wounded after being shot by dogs, Omar Jundab, Tahseen Salameh, Ahmad Azzouni and Jihad Abu Zahra.

The Prison Administration started to impose a number of punitive measures against them. A number of rooms were closed, and fans, tiles and all electrical appliances were confiscated. Food and supplies were also thrown at the prison. Ground and mix them together.

She stated that the situation remains tense in the prison, and the prisoners complain of the destruction caused by the raid. .

PCHR pointed out that these events come as part of a systematic and clear policy practiced by the administration of the Israeli detention centers in order to restrict prisoners and detainees and impose sanctions on them and deprive them of the most basic human rights, which is a clear violation of all international laws and standards, and exposes the arbitrary occupation practices against Palestinian prisoners and detainees in prisons. Occupation.


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