"Nokia" re-launch phone "2720" battery lasts 27 days

The Finnish company HMD has started to revive the classic Nokia phones in modern forms over the past few years, starting with the Nokia 3310.

As part of this trend, HMD, the owner of the Nokia brand, announced on Thursday (September 5th) the revival of the Nokia 2720 foldable phone, which was first launched in the market in 2009, where it was widely known at the time.

In spite of its traditional look, the phone will come with modern features including support for 4G Internet connectivity, and is equipped with applications such as "Google Maps" and "Whatsapp" and "Facebook".

The company announced the news at the IFA 2019 trade fair in Berlin, and said that the phone is designed for users looking for "digital detox", i.e. a break from computers or phones used to reduce stress or focus more on the world around them.

The phone has two screens: a main screen measuring 2.8 inches (about 7 cm), and a smaller screen measuring 1.3 inches (about 3 cm) can be used when the phone is closed.

The small display on the outside of the phone allows you to see notifications even when the phone is switched off.

In addition to the fourth-generation Internet network, 4G, the redesigned 2720 phone, including Google's voice assistant, can also be used as a WiFi hotspot.

Since it does not use a lot of computing, the phone can continue to work for 27 days, before recharging it again, according to "Nokia".

The phone comes in black and gray and will go on sale next week for 89 euros (about $ 98).


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