The classification of the world´s most dangerous to the lives of tourists

Experts from the World Economic Forum (WEF) have identified the safest and most dangerous countries in the framework of the 2019 International Classification of Competitiveness in Travel and Tourism.

The 2019 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness in Travel and Tourism, in collaboration with the Eurasian Institute for Competitiveness Problems and the Strategic Partnership Advisory Company, included 140 countries based on their position on receiving foreign tourists. This includes cultural and cultural heritage, the development of the economy, the transport sector, hotels, transport, medicine, visas, openness of the population and others.

The following are the 10 most dangerous tourism countries in the world based on terrorist operations, the level of murder, costs, crime and violence.

El Salvador is one of the smallest but densely populated countries in the world, characterized by a high level of crime and the spread of street gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha, which pose a major threat to Salvadoran society.

Nigeria - Tourism is one of the main sources of the country's economy. There are tropical forests, savannahs, waterfalls, and numerous archaeological sites of cultural and civilization.

However, foreign tourists are subjected to kidnappings in order to obtain a ransom in exchange for their release.

Yemen due to the civil war, according to UN estimates, some 14 million Yemenis were at risk of starvation in 2018.

Venezuela - The spread of crime is one of the main threats to Venezuelan society, as it is ahead of most Latin American countries. Ninety percent of the crimes remain ambiguous, so since 2005 the government has no longer published statistics on crimes in the country.

Honduras - Mexican drug trade groups are active in the country. They are competing to control cocaine transit from Colombia to the United States. So her crime level is very high.

Philippines - The Philippines is famous for its beautiful beaches and numerous coral reefs, and the most famous resorts located on the islands of Boracay, Cebu, Bohol and Plavan.

But political instability negatively affects tourism as well as the ongoing conflict between Muslim and Christian communities.

Pakistan - According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation report published in 2018, Pakistan ranked sixth in the ranking of the most dangerous countries for women in terms of health care, economic resources and normal life, sexual rape and human trafficking.

Colombia - Colombia ranks second in the world in terms of biodiversity, with 54,871 species registered. But it is among eight countries in the world that are not environmentally friendly.

The level of inequality between rich and poor is very high, causing a high level of crime in the country.

South Africa - This country has long suffered from apartheid and colonialism, and this has been reflected in the division of society. Electricity and water supply are not available in all areas, in addition to the spread of diseases.

These differences cause social tension, and develop crime.

Jamaica is a small royal state characterized by the beauty of nature, beaches and culture. However, the level of crime and drug trafficking is high, due to unemployment and poverty afflicting the majority of the island's population.


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