A French court allows Dick Morris to shout in the morning

 A French municipal court has dismissed a lawsuit against Dick Morris, who starts shouting early in the morning, declaring the start of a new day.

This court decision means allowing Dick Morris to shout and inform the people of the region of the beginning of a new day.

According to France Info, "The judiciary allowed Dick Morris to continue working ... and dismissed the complaint filed against him by his neighbor, accusing him of shouting too early."

Events about this rooster who lives in the municipality of Charente-Maritime (Charente-Maritime) have been going on for years. The elderly couple, Peron, sued Cock Morris because his shouting in the morning prevents them from sleeping. The complainants' lawyer has requested a compensation of 1,000 euros, which will be transferred to the families of the sailors who died at sea.

The couple had announced in the spring of 2017 that it was necessary to put an end to the rooster. Some 155,000 people in the municipality have signed two petitions to support Morris. But in July 2019 the court held a hearing to consider the rooster case. However, the couple's parents did not attend the courtroom, so the hearing was postponed until September 5.

The case of Dick Morris has become a symbol of the hardships of villagers who have moved out of the city to live in the countryside after retiring for calm.


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