A couple find an exciting "treasure" in a newly purchased house

A couple from the English city of Plymouth discovered in a space hidden behind a wall in their newly purchased dream home a treasure dating back to the Queen Victoria era.

The treasure is not about jewelery, but during the renovations of their newly purchased home, Alice and Ben Crawford found many strange antiques in a secret "room".

The couple moved to the house, built in the Georgian era (18th century), last year, and discovered that because of the high humidity, the basement was covered with fungi.

The search for the source of humidity led them to the adjacent courtyard, where a historic well was found, filled with Victorian-era objects thrown into it such as the buttons of the British navy, the Victoria's 60th Jubilee Cross, and other historical artifacts.

"We thought that the plaster of one of the exterior walls kept the moisture inside, and then we started to crack it and found this secret place surrounded by the walls," Alice said.

The couple assumes that when the well drained, the former residents of the house began to use it as a place to hide some objects and pretend they did not exist.

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