Occupation begins with the expansion of the tunnel road to link Jerusalem to the settlements of Gush Etzion

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday his army would respond strongly to any attempts to harm Israeli soldiers and settlers on the Gaza border.

Netanyahu said in a press statement that he received regular security updates on the events that took place during the past 24 hours on the border of the Strip.

Netanyahu blamed Hamas for all "aggression" coming out of the Gaza Strip, as he described it.

For his part, Benny Gantz, a blue-white leader, said that Netanyahu has lost deterrence to Hamas, and instead of regaining it before it, it deterred.

He added in a press statement: Netanyahu travels from one country to another around the world, and invent stories in front of the cameras, at a time when the people of Sderot live in Malachi and burn farmer fields.

He vowed that if he wins the next elections, he will form a small cabinet that will restore deterrence and work for the Israelis, rather than the current cabinet, which he said works for Netanyahu's personal interests and immunity from prosecution.


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