Pompeo: The deal of the century may be revealed within weeks

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that President Donald Trump's plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be unveiled "in the coming weeks."

"We have been conducting intensive consultations in the region for two and a half years. I think in the coming weeks we will reveal our vision," Pompeo said during a visit to Kansas.

"I hope the world sees this ... as a basis for building the future. It is a difficult problem that these two peoples will ultimately have to solve on their own, but we are working hard to do that."

His comments came a day after Trump's adviser Jason Greenblatt, one of the chief architects of the plan, resigned with Jared Kushner, the president's brother-in-law, and David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel.

Some have seen Greenblatt's resignation as an implicit recognition of US difficulties in enforcing this "vision" for peace.

Greenblatt said in late August that the peace plan, which has been kept secret for two and a half years and has been repeatedly postponed, will not be put before the September 17 legislative elections.

But the economic side was announced in June and includes 50 billion dollars in international investment in the Palestinian territories and neighboring Arab countries over a decade. But Palestinian officials rejected the US plan against the backdrop of a rupture with the Trump administration, which recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Greenblatt is considered very close to Israel, and angered European diplomats at the United Nations in July when he said that "lasting and comprehensive peace (in the Middle East) will not be made by international law or written decisions that are unclear."ِ


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