Iran gives up any restrictions on nuclear research and development

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday he had ordered the lifting of any restrictions on nuclear research and development.

Rowhani said on state television that "the Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization has been ordered to take all necessary measures in terms of research and development and to abandon all existing commitments in this area," in the context of his announcement "phase III" of the plan to reduce Iran's commitments The International Agreement signed in 2015.

"In the third phase, the IAEA will begin on Friday to apply everything needed to expand domestic nuclear technology and practical research without limits," Rowhani said.

However, Rouhani stressed that the parties to the nuclear agreement will have another two months to fully implement the terms of the agreement.

Rouhani did not disclose how the IAEA will act on Friday, and Iran has already partially pulled out of the nuclear deal earlier this year, after the United States withdrew in 2018.


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