Dozens of injuries, burning and cutting trees in settler attacks south of Nablus

Settlers launched two attacks in the northern towns of Madama and Borin, south of Nablus, on Wednesday, wounding dozens of people and burning trees.

According to local sources, dozens of settlers from the settlement of "Yitzhar" attacked the southern side of Madama, accompanied by the guard of the settlement and the occupation forces, and burned and destroyed a number of olive trees.

The sources added that clashes erupted between the residents who responded to the settlers' attack, and the Israeli occupation forces, during which soldiers fired live and metal bullets and tear gas canisters, causing a number of injuries with metal bullets and gas, while a young man was injured by a tear gas canister.

In another attack, settlers "Yitzhar" cut down olive trees in the nearby village of Burin.

According to Ghassan Daghlas, a settler in the northern West Bank, Yitzhar settlers cut down a number of olive trees after dark, near the house of Um Ayman Soufan, after they set fire to them a few days ago.

He said the settlers were riding motorcycles in the area, part of which was seized and planted with grapes.

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