Citizens burn photos of Netanyahu during hebron incursion

Activists demonstrated in several areas of the Old City of Hebron on Wednesday, coinciding with the israeli prime minister's incursion into the Tomb of the Patriarchs and burning pictures of Netanyahu.
According to local sources, the israeli occupation forces suppressed these stops and assaulted the activists, causing some of them to be bruised, while clashes broke out at the entrances to the Old City and no injuries were reported, but two young men were arrested.
According to these sources, Netanyahu addressed the Tomb of the Patriarchs in a tent set up by settlers in front of the temple, and then left the temple, which ended in his incursion into Hebron.
These sources indicated that Netanyahu's incursion into Khalil was not alone, but was preceded by Israeli President Rivlin and members of the Knesset's Lecode by storming the city.
Netanyahu's incursion coincided with the increase in the number of mosques in Hebron, with citizens chanting those zooms, and raising Palestinian flags and black flags on rooftops in opposition to Netanyahu's incursion into Hebron.

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