Netanyahu attacks a Hebrew channel for a film about the child Abu Khudair

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the Hebrew Channel 12 again after it recently aired a short film about the killing of child Abu Abu Khudair by settlers in Jerusalem in 2014 after they kidnapped and burned him. He is alive.

Netanyahu considered the film as anti-Semitic and tarnishes the reputation of Israel and works to discredit him, calling on Israelis to boycott the channel.

The film focuses primarily on the kidnapping of the three settlers in Hebron, in response to the burning and killing of Abu Khudair.

Netanyahu sparked a controversy two days ago, after he attacked Guy Bilge, a journalist working for the channel, for electoral reasons after the journalist published the transcripts of his interrogations in the 4000 file, and published a poll showing the superiority of a blue-white party led by Benny Gantz.

It appears that Netanyahu tried to raise a security issue to cover up the sharp criticism he faced after he attacked the journalist working for the channel, in connection with his interrogation and poll results, prompting anonymous threats to the journalist to death.


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