The child Qusay is 3 years old. Two hours in the hands of the israeli soldiers, he´s terrified .

Since August 23, Qusai Mahdi Zahir, 3, from Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah, has been living in a state of tension and anxiety that accompanies him, after he was arrested by Israeli soldiers at the Rantis checkpoint west of Ramallah for two hours, when his father was released from israeli jails after a year of detention. The nightmare of the israeli soldiers continues to haunt him in his wake and sleep.

Qusay's mother, Hanin Zahir, explains that her child Qusay is no longer the same as before the incident of his detention by the occupation soldiers interacting with everyone, Qusay in his first days after his release lives in a state of fear, terror and crying, he is afraid to go with someone, and wakes up from sleep in a panic, "It is true that he improved a little bit from what he was in the The first days after his release, but until today he does not leave me and his father."

Last Friday afternoon, Hanin was waiting for her husband, Mahdi, for his release, and she continued a live broadcast to her relatives they posted on Facebook for moments waiting for her husband's release, and suddenly she noticed the israeli soldiers taking her child Qusay with them, she called her husband Mahdi's father, but he assured her that nothing would happen, but I became I wait for my husband and my child and the anxiety became haunting me until their release, and the moments of mahdi's release, 25 years old, through the Rantis checkpoint turned into tension and anxiety that lasted about two hours before Qusay and his father were released.

Qusay is living in a very difficult psychological condition following his detention and release, and he continues to repeat when asked why he is afraid to tell his uncles and parents the accent of a child whose language is still kicked (Army..

As for the prisoner liberated Mehdi Zahir, he was surprised after his release from the prison "Hadram" and then arrived at the Checkpoint of Rantis by detaining him instead of releasing him, when he noticed his child Qusay detained in another room inside the checkpoint, and lived in shock after discovering it, then asked to accept his child, and inquire about what is going on, but the occupation soldiers racked They even refused to hand Mahdi over to his child Qusay or embrace him under the pretext of examination, and then released Mahdi and his child Qusay, Mahdi tells

Qusay's grandfather, Ahmed Zahir, had taken Qusay, Mahdi's child, to see his father, but he was surprised that the Israeli soldiers who were at the Rantis checkpoint stopped the car they were travelling in, and then they opened the door from Qusay's side and took him with them. Those soldiers: "This is a child what are you doing!".

Abu Mohammed adds: "But the israeli soldiers insisted on detaining him on the pretext that they would check that he was mahdi's child," while the grandfather confirms that Qusay was asleep, and when the car approached the checkpoint he was carrying a bottle of water, at which time Qusay saw it from the window of the car, but the Israeli soldiers attacked the car, and took Qusay and a bottle of water with them, When the grandfather tried to defend his grandson, he was pushed by the occupying forces, which were difficult moments for Abu Muhammad and his family, and the joy of Mahdi's release turned into a state of tension and anxiety with Qusay's arrest.

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