Major Israeli newspaper headlines

 The most important thing in the Hebrew press on Friday morning:

â–ªThe Identity Party withdraws from the contest for the Knesset elections. Netanyahu promises Viglen a ministerial portfolio.
â–ªIf the Bedouins participate strongly in the elections: he will win "blue and white".
â–ª poll published by Channel 12 News: After the withdrawal of the Identity Party, the likud party's strength remained the same.
â–ª According to the poll: Likud has 31 seats and blue and white 30 seats.

â–ªIsraeli police arrest two people who fired shots in the air during a blue-and-white election rally
â–ªGants commenting on the firing of shots into the air: this is the result of incitement.
â–ªDemocratic Camp: Shooting at a blue-and-white election rally is like rabin's murder.
â–ªPoll: After the ID party withdrew from the competition: the right-wing force remained unchanged and 56 seats remained.
â–ªViglin withdraws from the competition and Netanyahu promises him a ministerial portfolio in the next government.
â–ªLieberman remained strong with 10 seats and the joint list 10 seats, according to the 12-seat news channel Poll.

Israel Today:
â–ªUnited States: Sanctions on officials who contributed millions of dollars from Iran to Gaza.
â–ª The Security Council renews UNIFIL's period on the border between Israel and Lebanon.
â–ªFiglin withdraws from the election in favor of Netanyahu in exchange for a portfolio in the next government.
â–ª shots were fired into the air at a blue-and-white electoral crowd in Rahupote.
â–ªIsraeli police arrest two in connection with the shooting of a blue and white electoral crowd.

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