Occupation detains 304 martyrs in refrigerators and tombs of numbers

The National Day for the Recovery of the Martyrs of the 304 Martyrs will be held on Tuesday.

The governorates of the homeland are witnessing wide public stands, in conjunction with an active electronic campaign titled "We Want Our Children", as well as media activity open to all media, and the allocation of a day for education centers to identify the issue of the bodies of the detained and the participation of the families of the martyrs detained their bodies.

Four stops will be organized at 11:00 am, at the Martyrs Roundabout and in front of the Red Cross in Gaza, Al-Manara roundabout in Ramallah and the Ibn Rushd roundabout in Hebron, with the participation of martyrs' families and many national and party forces and official, civil and human rights institutions.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation court issued a law in 2017, considering the detention of the bodies of martyrs is illegal, but did not issue a decision to release them, but gave the government six months to develop a law allowing them to detain these bodies, note that to date 121 bodies of martyrs and martyrs have been released from "graves Figures, "and more than 180 so-called" occupation refrigerators. "

According to the National Campaign for the Import of Corpses, which was established in 2008, what was documented based on the reports of the families of the martyrs and the Palestinian factions belonging to them, about 400 martyrs were detained, while the bodies of 131 of them were released, and 253 martyrs are still held in the graves of numbers.

The campaign confirms that the number of martyrs in the graves exceeds the number documented, according to the information circulated about the graves and the number of graves inside.

According to the campaign, there are 68 missing since the beginning of the occupation until today and their fate is not known and the occupation denies any information about them.

Since 2015, the occupation has detained the bodies of more than 220 martyrs for different periods of time (from days to months, and some martyrs for more than two years). Most of them have been released and 29 have been held to date.

The first Geneva Convention states in Article 17 that Contracting States are obliged to respect the bodies of war victims from the occupied territory and to enable their families to bury them in accordance with their religious and national traditions.

The Israeli occupation erected secret tombs known as "tombs of numbers", which are simple burials, surrounded by stones without evidence, and installed above the tomb a metal plate bearing a certain number, and therefore called the tombs of numbers because they take the names of the names of the martyrs.

The occupation declares these cemeteries closed military areas, which are not fixed and reveal conflicting data from time to time around, although the locations of four graves, mostly in the Jordan Valley and near the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

The occupation authorities refuse to give death certificates to the families of the martyrs or to provide lists of the names of those whose bodies are being held and the places and conditions of their detention.

In 2010, the Israeli authorities released the body of martyr Mashhour al-Arouri after two years of legal struggle in his file and after a 34-year detention in Al-Arqam cemeteries.The following year, the body of martyr Hafez Abu Zant was recovered after 35 years of detention.

The occupation handed over the remains of 91 martyrs on 31/5/2012, including 18 unidentified bodies, which constituted a new affirmation of the Israeli government's violation of the dignity of the martyrs and disregard of the feelings of their families. Ramallah Cemetery.

The Israeli Supreme Court issued a decision in 2013 to receive the bodies of 36 martyrs, but the bodies of 27 martyrs were handed over in the first months of 2014, but the delivery was stopped due to political circumstances.

In July 2015, the Ministry of the Israeli army announced before the "Supreme Israeli", it will stop the detention of the bodies, and will start the establishment of a DNA bank in preparation for the release of all the bodies, but to date has not fulfilled its commitment.

The Israeli occupation returned to the detention of the bodies of the martyrs as a punishment mechanism, allegedly targeting soldiers and settlers by a decision of the Israeli Ministerial Cabinet for Political and Security Affairs, "the cabins" on 13/10/2015.


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