Despite the crisis .. The founder of "Huawei" vows to "control the world"

 China's founder and CEO Rin Zhengfei said his leading group would overcome current hardships and vowed to "create an army that controls the world".

"They have to start a battle-like phase to get past the crisis," said Zhengfai, 74, a former Chinese army officer, in a letter to the staff.

The Chinese company faces serious obstacles due to the measures imposed by the United States and Western countries, following concerns related to national security and the possibility of harnessing the devices "Huawei" in spying for Beijing.

The British government is moving to ban reliance on the company's equipment for the establishment of the fifth generation network, and London has come under pressure from Washington to take this course.

On Friday, Huawei acknowledged that the sanctions could lead to a drop in its turnover by nearly $ 10 billion this year.

The executive director said the company was facing a "battle of life and death", so "employees have to deal with the matter with a great deal of firmness," according to the newspaper "Times" Britain.

According to the leaked letter to Reuters, the CEO indicated positive results achieved by the company during the first half of the year.

Zengfei stressed the need to raise the company's investment in areas such as the production of some equipment, in order to "inject new blood in Huawei," which faces major restrictions in the United States.

"When we can get through the most critical moment in history, a new generation will be born. What will he do? He will dominate the world," he wrote.

Huawei's Chinese company denies cooperating with Chinese intelligence, but the company's founder's military past raises many doubts in Western capitals.

US officials believe China may try to exploit Huawei equipment to spy on US officials and steal sensitive business and military information.


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