3 Martyrs and 131 Palestinian wounded by "Israeli" gunfire last week

According to the "Harvest week" report in the West Bank, three Palestinians were killed and more than 130 injured by "Israeli" gunfire last week.

"On Saturday, the past week saw 65 confrontations with the occupation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, interspersed with four resistance operations," the report said.

Martyrs and wounded

The report found that the two young men, Mahmoud Adel al-Awseda, 24, Mohammed Farid Abu Namos, 27, and Mohammed Samir Al-Tramsi, 26, were killed in an armed clash near Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.

On Friday, and on Thursday, two Palestinians were reportedly wounded by live bullets, rubber bullets and bruises in the West Bank and Gaza.

On Monday, five Palestinians were injured during clashes with israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and two Palestinians were wounded in the West Bank and Gaza on Saturday.

Points of contact

The "Harvest of the Week" report counted clashes with israeli forces at 65 contact points in the West Bank and Jerusalem and on the Gaza Strip border.

The report monitored 16 confrontations on Friday, 8 confrontations on Thursday, 11 on Wednesday, midweek (Tuesday) 7 confrontations, plus 12 on Monday, 4 on Sunday, and 7 on Saturday.

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