"The prisoner´s body" calls for an end to violations of the occupation against journalists

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The prisoners and Editors ' Affairs authority called for an end to the violations against Palestinian journalists and the suspension of the policy of detention against them.

The Commission confirmed in a press statement Thursday that their continued detention, aimed at silencing mouths to conceal the reality of the heinous crimes of occupation from the international community, and to scare them, restrict their movement and freedom in the performance of humanitarian, journalistic and national duty.

"The number of journalists detained in Israeli jails has reached 21, and they are languishing in difficult conditions of life, contrary to international values and conditions and human rights," she said.

All Palestinian journalists who had recently been detained had been arrested in contravention of all international laws, including those who were under administrative detention without charge or trial, including those who had been sentenced to high and irrational judgements, including those who had been deported from his home or his profession and duty as a Palestinian journalist, and there He was subjected to systematic medical neglect, as well as several journalists who were tortured and shot by the Israeli occupation army in the course of their duty and militant role in exposing the crimes of occupation against the Palestinian people.

It appealed to the international community to implement the resolutions of the Security Council (2222), which guaranteed the protection of journalists.


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