37 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya

The Libyan navy announced on Monday the rescue of 37 migrants, most of them from Sudan, on a rubber boat that made a distress call east of Tripoli.

The navy spokesman, Brigadier General Ayoub Kassem, said the coastguard was able to "find a rubber boat with 37 migrants on board, 53 miles north of the city of Al-Khams," 120 kilometers east of Tripoli.

This came after the Libyan Navy received a report that there was a "distress call" from the immigration boat, according to Kassem.

He pointed out that the migrants are of Arab and African nationalities.

"Humanitarian and medical aid has been provided to the migrants, and they have not been received by the immigration agency so far," Qassim said.

The Libyan navy had warned 10 days ago that it might be forced to release illegal immigrants after being rescued in the future, against the backdrop of delay in the receipt of concerned authorities.


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