Trump likely: publication of "deal of the century" after the Israeli elections

US President Donald Trump is likely to announce his peace plan for the "deal of the century" after Israel's September 17 election, although parts of it could be published even earlier.

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and presidential adviser, said shortly after the April election that the peace plan would be announced as soon as possible in June. After the dissolution of the Knesset in May, PA officials estimated that the publication of the plan would be delayed.

Trump said: "This may be the most complicated deal because of hatred between Israelis and Palestinians."

The economic part of the plan was published in June and is based on the creation of an international fund investing about $ 50 billion in projects to improve the Palestinian economy. Most of the $ 28 billion will go to direct investment in Gaza and the West Bank, while the rest will be invested in projects in Jordan, Egypt and other countries in the region. The plan also includes the construction of a road and railway linking Gaza to the West Bank through Israeli territory.

The Palestinian Authority refused to participate in the conference and strongly warned of the seriousness of its results on the Palestinian issue.


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