Hungary is seeking guarantees from Facebook

Hungary is demanding guarantees from Facebook that it will not transfer its Hungarian users' talks to third parties, official sources said Friday.

"Hungary will seek written assurances from Facebook that the transcripts of the Hungarian users' conversations will not be transferred to third parties," Attila Petrvalfi, head of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority, was quoted as saying.

Facebook admitted on Wednesday that it had recorded the conversations of users of its application for the conversation (Messenger) and unloaded in the form of texts, adding that this happened with the consent of users. However, Facebook said it would stop the practice.

Because Facebook's European headquarters are located in Ireland, the Irish Data Protection Commission will initiate an investigation into the case.

"If Facebook's guarantees are insufficient, Hungary will use the EU's data protection directives to put its application into practice," Petvalvi said.


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