77 injured during the occupation´s suppression of return marches on the Gaza border

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said its medical teams dealt with 77 injuries throughout the Gaza Strip on Friday during the Israeli forces' crackdown on the 70th Friday of the return marches.

The medical association said in a statement that its crews had dealt with 19 live bullets, 13 with rubber-coated metal bullets, and 20 cases of tear gas asphyxiation.

She added that she provided ambulance to 8 citizens who were injured by "shrapnel" and 17 by "bomb strikes."

It reported that 16 casualties were in the northern Gaza Strip governorates, 4 in Gaza, 11 in Al Wusta, 31 in Khan Younis and 15 in Rafah.

In the context, the Palestinian Ministry of Health, that 63 citizens were injured, this evening, shot by the occupation forces; during their participation in the Friday of the 70 marches of return east of the Gaza Strip.

She explained in a brief statement to her, that 63 Palestinians were injured differently; including 17 children and 3 Palestinians, during their participation in the "Palestinian Youth Friday" within the events of the return marches.

She pointed out that 32 Palestinians were wounded by live bullets, by the occupation during the 70th Friday of the march of return and break the siege east of the Gaza Strip.

Since March 30, 2018, Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches near the fence separating the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, demanding the return of refugees to their towns and villages from which they were displaced in 1948 and breaking the siege on Gaza.

 The Israeli army violently suppresses these peaceful marches, firing poison gas and tear gas at the demonstrators heavily, which led to the death of 326 citizens; Serious.


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