82 killed by tanker truck explosion in Tanzania

The death toll from Saturday's truck bombing in Tanzania has risen to 82, with seven people dying from their injuries, a hospital official said on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the National Hospital in Dar es Salaam said another 32 people were being treated, including 17 in the intensive care unit, after one of the bloodiest tank explosions in Africa in recent years.

"We continue to do our utmost to save those who are still alive," spokesman Aminel Allegisha told reporters on Wednesday.

The latest toll announced by Prime Minister Qasim Magaliwa on Sunday was 69 dead and 66 injured.

The blast occurred on Saturday morning in Masamvu district, near the town of Morogur, some 200 kilometers (200 miles) west of the economic capital Dar es Salaam, on one of the country's most important intersections.

Shortly after the truck overturned on the sidewalk, taxi drivers rushed to the scene to collect spilled fuel, similar to a number of city residents. The fuel appears to have been ignited by a cigarette that caused the explosion.

Witnesses confirmed that some of the people who came to collect the fuel smoked cigarettes.

This is the latest bloody incident in a series of similar disasters in Africa.

In July, at least 45 people were killed and more than 100 injured in central Nigeria when a tanker truck exploded as many residents were stealing fuel from a traffic accident.

In May, some 80 people were killed in a similar incident.


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