The President of Brazil proposes to reduce the entry of pigeons to protect the environment

Brazil's climate-change-minded President, Jaire Bolsonaro, has offered a "climate-friendly defecation" solution every two days.

The far-right president was responding to a question from a reporter who asked whether a "match between growth and environmental preservation" was possible while meeting the challenge of providing food for the world's growing population.

"It is enough to eat less. You talk about environmental pollution. It is enough to defecate once every two days and the situation will be better for everyone," the president said as he left the Alvorada presidential palace.

"When we see that the world population is growing by more than 70 million a year, we should adopt a family planning policy," he said, stressing that it does not encourage "limiting births."

"Don't let me say that, otherwise Folia in Sao Paulo would mean that I am calling for a reduction in births," he said, referring to one of the country's most important newspapers, which often criticize government policy.

"We notice that more educated people have fewer children," Bolsonaro said.

Bolsonaro has sparked intense debate in recent weeks by questioning official figures on Amazon's logging, which points to a 278 percent rise in July from the same month a year earlier.

The two described those who "dare to campaign with false statements about the Amazon" as "invalid Brazilians."

Last week, the director of the National Institute for Forest Logging was fired by satellite data after a long standoff with the government.


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