8 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank and youths targeted in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation Army (IDF) arrested eight Palestinians during raids and searches in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, while occupying soldiers opened fire at a group of youths who were at the security fence in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation army said in a statement to the media that its soldiers had arrested eight youths who had been transferred to the security services, where they were blamed for taking part in acts of resistance against the occupation army and settlers.

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire on Thursday morning, shooting at youths who tried to pull the barbed wire in the eastern part of the strip, while fishermen were targeted in the Gaza sea.

In the north of the West Bank, Israeli occupation forces stormed the towns of Kafr Qrai and Fahama south of Jenin and arrested a citizen as clashes erupted.

Citizens said that Israeli occupation soldiers raided the home house of Nabil Saeed Diab, arrested his son Hisham and searched the house in a provocative manner.

Clashes also erupted at the entrance to the nearby town of Fahama during the raids, with several military mechanisms stationed on the main street and stones thrown at them by the youths.

Clashes also erupted after the storming of the Amari camp in Ramallah and the Uqba Jabr camp in Jericho.

In the Bethlehem district, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Basil Mezher, Ziad Na'eem al-Masri from Dheisheh camp, and Zeid Ahmed Sheikh from Mrah Rabah Village.

Mohammed Muwafi from Qalqilya and Malik Bassam al-Tayi were also arrested from Beit Qan, while Israeli occupying forces stormed the house of the captive Ahmed Qasim Sheikh in Mrah Rabah and handed his wife a summons to interview the occupation intelligence.


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