Thousands of protesters in Hong Kong sit in the airport

Thousands of protesters rallied inside the arrival hall at Hong Kong International Airport on Friday, marking the start of a series of anti-government protests scheduled for the weekend.

The three-day airport sit-in begins the tenth week of protests across Hong Kong.

Security forces tightened procedures at the airport, one of the world's busiest, and officials asked travelers to come early to the airport.

Passengers stood in long queues to finalize the process, with airport authorities putting up checkpoints and posters showing passengers that tickets and travel documents are needed to reach a specific point, according to the China South Morning.

The protests began on June 9 against a bill currently pending that would have allowed the extradition of wanted suspects to China for trial on the mainland.

The protests have since escalated into a wave of anger against the Hong Kong government and city chief executive Kari Lam.

Lam did not respond to any of the protesters' demands, which included her stepping down and setting up an independent commission to investigate police brutality. Protesters say they will continue until all their demands are met.

Protest organizers are aiming to get their demands to visitors from around the world.


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