Israeli newspaper headlines

 Israeli newspapers on Friday highlighted the conflict between parties competing in the Knesset elections to win votes, and Netanyahu's statements on continuing to build settlements.



Israeli soldier killed by knife stabbing

The funeral of Dvir Sorek in Ofra .. The father of the dead soldier: We will stick to life

Netanyahu in Gush Etzion: The investigation into the killing of the soldier continues and we will continue to build

Settlers block roads in the West Bank and attack Palestinians


Maariv Newspaper:

The funeral of soldier Dvir Sorek in Ofra in the presence of a thousand people

Security officials: There is no evidence of kidnapping of the dead soldier

Because of incitement to racism: The left sees Ben Juffair as incompetent to compete in elections

President Obama on Twitter: "No one can speak for the United States" in reference to the French president

Following the dispute with the State Comptroller: Three members of the Permits Committee resign


Israel Today:

The assassination of Dvir Sorek reflects the Hebrew fate

Blue and White for its activists: Invest in the Arab sector to vote for Blue and White

Dvir Sorek's father: We will continue to live

Netanyahu at the place of the killing of soldier Dvir Sorek: We will reach the killers


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