Occupation closes "Beit Hanoun " Northern Gaza Strip

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation authorities decided on Wednesday to close the only "Beit Hanoun" (Erez) crossing point for the passage of individuals from the Azza sector to the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli occupation army said in a statement, "Yesterday there was a violent riot in the Erez crossing area, with hundreds of participants, where the infrastructure of the Palestinian side was damaged," he claimed.

"Following that, it was decided to close the crossing until the damage was corrected (...) ; However, entry through the crossing will be restricted to humanitarian cases that are specifically approved, "the statement said.

The occupation did not declare the closure of the crossing, which was reopened on 27 August, after a week-long closure.

On Tuesday, the "National High Authority for return marches and breaking the siege" organized a protest rally titled "Together to protect the rights of refugees", near the Erez crossing, with the participation of hundreds of Palestinians.

The "Beit Hanoun" (Erez) crossing is the only one dedicated to the movement of individuals between the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948.

The Kerem Shalom crossing is dedicated to the passage of goods into the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli occupation repeatedly closes it.

For weeks, Egypt and the United Nations have been trying to reach a long-term calm agreement between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip, which is home to nearly 2 million people, suffers from very poor living conditions as a result of the Israeli blockade, which has lasted more than 10 years.


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