Samsung announces a resounding surprise

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A senior official at Samsung's leading smartphone industry has disclosed that it will announce a folding monitor before the end of this year.

Several technical reports were likely to put Samsung on a phone with these revolutionary specifications, but this time it was done, after it was received by the director of smartphones at Samsung, DJ Koh, in an interview with "CNBC ".

Meanwhile, the South Korean spokesman did not mention a possible date to start selling the phone, but the announcement of the device may take place at a major conference next November.

The complex path to lengthening the folding phone is close to the end, so it is time to put up the device, he said.

He added that the phone can do many operations and is in the state of collapse, but the user will need to make it in normal mode to read some information on the screen or navigate the Internet.

"Samsung " promised that the device is different from what is in the market,  "If the new and folding phone is like a tablet phone, people have a right to ask about the added value that came in and what makes them accept to buy it."

He said that every new device that is thrown needs to bring innovative things that make people shout, they say that this or that is the one that made Samsung  make the new phone.

The US newspaper "Wall Street Journal " revealed in July that the company  "Samsung " intends to launch a folding phone next year, and the source explained that the screen of the device will be approximately seven inches, and the phone will be similar to the pocket wallet during folding.

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