Israeli newspaper headlines

Israeli newspapers on Friday focused on the dispersion of the Israeli right in the upcoming Knesset elections, with 22 lists competing in the elections, and the surprise of the Jewish Power Party led by Ben Juffair by entering an independent list from the right. In addition, Moshe Feiglin, head of the ID party, was an independent rival.


Right without unity: Jewish power competes in the next elections with an independent list

Opinion poll: Lieberman is getting stronger and will gain 11 seats in the next Knesset

IDF: The Palestinian who crossed the border fence stayed for two hours before exchanging fire with him and killing him

Maariv Newspaper:

The Jewish power will compete in a separate list in the upcoming elections and the Likud will lose a number of votes

MK Zandberg: We will appeal to the Election Commission to cancel the list of Jewish power

News Channel 13 poll: Likud wins 30, blue and white 29, Lieberman 11

Syrian official news agency SANA: Israel fired a missile towards Quneitra

Israel Today:

The right without the Jewish Power Party and Ben Juffair will run on an independent list

Gantz does not rule out the formation of a government with Netanyahu and after a moment said: I did not hear well

Israel Today poll: Blue and White weaken and right does not form a majority

According to the Israel Today poll: Shaked with the Union of Right Parties wins 11 seats


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