The occupation approves the construction of 6,000 housing units in the West Bank

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's cabinet on Wednesday approved a plan to build 6,000 Israeli housing units in the West Bank.

On the other hand, the "Cabinet", on Tuesday, approved to allow the Palestinians to build 715 housing units in areas classified "C" in the West Bank, according to "Israeli News Station 13" (private).

Area C comprises about 60% of the West Bank and is subject to full Israeli control under interim agreements between the Palestinian Authority and the occupation authorities.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (official) that the ratification of this plan came before the arrival of senior aide to US President Jared Kushner to the region in a tour that includes a number of Arab countries and "Israel."

According to Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organizations, the Israeli government is tightening its grip on Palestinian construction in Area C, and demolishes many Palestinian buildings on the grounds that they are not licensed.

On the other hand, the region itself is witnessing an Israeli settlement boom, represented by a significant increase in settlement construction over the past years.


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