Princess Haya is applying in Britain to protect her from forced marriage

 Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, the wife of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, applied for protection from forced marriage during a court hearing in London on Tuesday, according to the Press Association.

Princess Haya, 45, the wife of the ruler of Dubai, the UAE's prime minister Sheikh Mohammed, 70, applied for protection, seeking and custody of their children and not being abused, the Supreme Court heard.

Details of the request for protection from forced marriage by the Princess were not known, according to the local Press Association.

A judicial battle is raging between the couple about the interest of their children. The hearing is presided over by Judge Andrew McFarlane, head of the family department at the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

The case is being heard at the Royal Court of Justice complex in London and an initial hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

The judge allowed the media to publish the news that Princess Haya had made the requests.

The court also heard that Sheikh Mohammed had submitted to the Supreme Court a request to return his children to Dubai.

These requests can help a person who is forced to marry or is forced to stay in a marriage.

An injured person or other person may authorize the court to apply for this request in case of "physical force, emotional pressure, threat or a victim of psychological abuse," under the Protection Orders Act.

The judge rejected a request from Sheikh Mohammed's lawyer to impose restrictions on publishing some details.

"There is general interest ... in the proceedings before the court," he said.

Judge McFarlane had previously decided to allow only accredited journalists working with media outlets within the jurisdiction of England and Wales to attend court proceedings.

Correspondents from British-based media were allowed to attend but were told they would not be able to hear the proceedings.

Princess Haya came to court with her lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who represented Prince Charles in the case of his divorce from Princess Diana.

Sheikh Al-Maktoum represents lawyer Helen Ward, who worked with director Guy Ritchie in his divorce case from singer Madonna.

Sheikh Mohammed did not attend the session.

A few protesters gathered outside the court compound to protest against Sheikh Mohammed.

The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.


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