Expecting 25,000 participation in a demonstration against the exclusion of the community in Germany

Thousands of people are planning to take part in a demonstration in the German city of Dresden for solidarity and anti-exclusion in society.

Organizers of the demonstration, which will take place on 24 August under the slogan "indivisible", expect to participate in the event about 25,000 people.

"Our strength in our diversity ... hatred and exclusion distracts from the real challenges of the future," organizers spokesman Ariu Mertsei said Tuesday in Berlin.

A similar demonstration, held in Berlin in October under the same slogan against racism and exclusion, saw the participation of 250,000 people, according to the organizers. Some 40,000 people registered to participate in the demonstration.

The demonstration is scheduled to take part in the demonstration "IG Metal" union of workers in the industrial sector. A member of the union's board, Hans-Juergen Urban, said diversity in society "is not a burden, it is an enrichment."

The German actress, Corina Harvok, 64, announced her intention to take part in the demonstration, the first demonstration since the reunification of Germany in 1989.

"We are in a dangerous situation ... I see myself in a situation in which I need help for my humanity," Harofach said, adding that she wanted to feel empowered by being with many people, rather than giving in and quitting in fear.


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