The occupation demolishes the homes of 4 Palestinian families in the Jordan Valley

 Israeli troops demolished tents and tents belonging to four Palestinian families in the Jordan Valley area on Tuesday.

The demolitions took place in the area of ​​Ras al-Ahmar, located on the lands of Tubas and Tammun in the Aghwar, after they stormed an Israeli military force. This was the second time that the same area was demolished during a month.

"The Israeli occupation authorities declared the target area a closed military zone and prevented the arrival of relief aid to those affected," said the official of the settlement file in Tubas and the Jordan Valley, Moataz Bisharat.

Basharat said four families of 17 people were damaged and left homeless because of the "unjustified" demolition.

Bisharat accused the Israeli occupation of implementing a policy of "forced displacement" against the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley in the context of almost daily demolitions and deportations in the area.

The Jordan Valley area accounts for about a quarter of the West Bank and is home to some 50,000 Palestinians, including Jericho, which accounts for 2 percent of the total Palestinian population in the West Bank, according to official Palestinian statistics.

On the other hand, the Committee for the Defense of Lands in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Homs in the town of Sur Bahir, southeast of Jerusalem, to perform Friday prayers in the region in solidarity with the owners of homes destroyed and to protest the demolition of the collective of the neighborhood.

Last week, Israel demolished 12 residential buildings, including dozens of apartments in the Wadi al-Homs neighborhood in the town of Sur Baher, southeast of Jerusalem, under the pretext of building permits.


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