The occupation suppresses a solidarity stance with a journalist prisoner in front of the prison "Ofer "

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli army forces on Tuesday suppressed a peaceful pause organized by Palestinian journalists in front of the military prison of "Ofer" (west of Ramallah), in solidarity with one of their colleagues detained in Israeli jails.

According to our correspondent, a group of journalists hold fast in front of the prison "Ofer ", expressing their solidarity with the captive journalist "Ali Dar Ali " Detained since the middle of last month, on charges of "inciting" through social media sites.

The participants in the pause called by the "syndicate of journalists " and  "Palestinian radio and Television", the national media and banners written on them calling for the release of journalists detained in occupation prisons.

For its part, Israeli forces fired sound and gas bombs at the participants in the solidarity vigil, injuring a number of them with suffocation caused by inhalation of poison gas, without any need for any intervention by the ambulance crews.

The pause coincided with a hearing by the Ofer Military Court to consider the case of "Dar Ali ", which ended with the decision to extend his detention until 12 September September.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist "Ali Dar ali ", a Palestinian television correspondent in Ramallah, at dawn on the 15th of August August, after storming his home in the village of Barham, northwest of the city.

The occupying authorities continue to arrest more than 20 Palestinian journalists in prisons and their detention and interrogation centres; Some have been sentenced to several years ' imprisonment and others have been sentenced to administrative detention, and a number of them have been suspended/"without trial".



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