Continuing medical violations against sick prisoners in "Raymond " and "Negev " detainees

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

In its report, the Committee for Prisoners ' Affairs and editors stardat the deliberate and systematic medical negligence of the occupation authorities against the sick prisoners in the "Raymond " and "Negev " detainees.

According to the Commission's report, the case of Iyad Nassar, 38, who has suffered an injury in his left eye since his arrest, has been revealed and is worsening day by day because of the medical failure of the detainee's administration, which has led to severe inflammatory injuries in  The eye, which needs to undergo surgery as quickly as possible to withdraw water from the eye, but the management of the detainee  "Raymond " is still delaying its conversion in order to conduct the operation, and he complains of severe pain six months ago on his knee, and he was transferred to the hospital, but did not provide any real treatment for his health condition.

As for the prisoner Ali Faraj Allah (51) years old from the town of al-Asanah Kaza of Hebron in the Camp  "Negev ", he suffers from problems in his teeth and severe inflammation in the gums, and is waiting to be converted to receive treatment.

In its report, the Commission called for an end to the policy of procrastination and medical neglect against sick prisoners, and to stop exploiting their difficult health conditions, to pressure and blackmail them to extract confessions.


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