Peace Now: 16 new settlement outposts established in the West since 2017

A report by the Israeli Peace Now movement published on Monday said that 16 different settlement outposts have been established in the West Bank since 2017.

According to the report, published in Haaretz on Tuesday, these outposts were built on land classified as "state land", but it is illegal, and it differs from some of the small settlement sites that are evacuated. Noting that it receives special protection from the Israeli authorities, and is ignored by the Civil Administration, and only a limited extent is applied Israeli law.

These outposts are spread throughout the West Bank, both in southern Hebron and in the Jordan Valley, and even in the major settlement blocs of Gush Etzion and Ariel.

According to the report, these outposts are built without permits and some have been issued demolition orders but have not been implemented. Noting that illegal construction on land classified as "state lands" can be retroactively authorized.

After a survey of the new outposts, which reached 16, the total number of outposts since 2012 was 31.

During the visits to these outposts, most of them were found to be agricultural, not residential, and were converted into farms for raising sheep, livestock and others. Noting that the owners enjoyed great relations with the law enforcement authorities.

The newspaper pointed out that the local authorities of the settlements intervene directly to develop some of these foci.

The Civil Administration responded to the report that the majority of these outposts were known and that any other unknown spots were being investigated. Noting that the implementation of the laws are due to considerations of the political level.


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