"Pineapple Wi-Fi" .. A thief emptying your bank account in seconds

As you enjoy a cup of coffee in a convenience store, you may be a victim of a pirated process that may cost you all your bank account balance.

Information security expert Colin Tancard warned that access to public wireless networks makes you an easy hunter for hackers, even money, through a live experience of the Daily Mail.

Tancard believes that public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in cafes, hotels and airports, are a pirate's paradise.

The networks allow data thieves to access your personal devices, such as a regular computer, tablet or mobile phone, and snoop on your private information, and even a little professional hacker may be allowed to transfer money from your bank account within seconds.

Tancard warns that hackers use smart penetration equipment, including a device in the size of a cigarette packet known as "pineapple", which launches fake waves of the same name as the Wi-Fi network used on the spot, but can track anyone who tries to use them to access the Internet.

Among the data that pineapples can identify are contacts, e-mail passwords, bank credit card numbers, and so on.

Hackers can also use spyware on Wi-Fi networks to access hotel systems, make reservations, room details and stored credit card numbers for guests.


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