El Chabo in "Infernal Hell" .. Here will spend the rest of his life

Mexican drug barons Joaquin Gusman, known as El Chapo, was transferred to a heavily guarded prison in Colorado on Friday where he will spend the rest of his life after being sentenced to life in prison.

The lawyer of El Chapo has asked Judge Brian Kogan to keep his client for 60 days in prison since he was handed over to the US authorities in January 2017 pending his appeal.

However, the US prison administration decided to transfer it Friday to a new location, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (POB).

El Chapo was imprisoned at the ADMINISTRATIVE MAXIMUM FASILETTE, known as ADX, located in a remote area of ​​Florence, Colorado.

This is the safest prison in the United States, where many dangerous criminals like Terry Nichols (who took part in the attack on Oklahoma City) and Frenchman Zakaria Mousavi (who participated in planning the Sept. 11 attacks) were involved.

The prison was said on a CBS television show in 2007 "a sterile version of hell".

The US court sentenced El Chabo to life in prison on Wednesday, with a symbolic sentence of 30 years in prison for drug-barons accused of using automatic weapons, at the request of the prosecutor.

El Chapo is classified as the world's most influential drug trafficker, and at least 1,200 tons of cocaine have been smuggled into the United States for a quarter of a century.

Before reciting the sentence, Joaquin Gusman made oral statements for the first time since he was handed over to the United States. He condemned the circumstances of his imprisonment and confirmed that he was subjected to "physical, psychological and mental torture 24 hours a day".

"Justice has not materialized," said the 62-year-old man, who built over three decades the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico.


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