Britain´s finance minister will resign if Johnson takes over as prime minister

British finance minister Philip Hammond, who is out of the European Union without a deal, said on Sunday he would resign if Boris Johnson became prime minister.

"If we assume that Boris Johnson has become the next prime minister, I will realize that the terms of his government include agreeing to exit (from the EU) without an agreement on 31 October, and this is something that I can never accept," he told the BBC. with it".

The next prime minister, who will be chosen by some 160,000 Conservative members, will be named Tuesday. Two candidates are competing to succeed Teresa May: Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, and his predecessor, former London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The new prime minister will take office on Wednesday.

Johnson was an active participant in the June 2016 referendum as he contributed to the victory of the BRICEST option, and he does not rule out an unannounced exit on 31 October after Brikst was set on March 29.

If it is highly unlikely that Philip Hammond will retain his post in the event of Johnson's victory, his remarks point to the opposition that the European options may face for the potential prime minister.

Hammond said he would resign before inviting him to pack his bags.

"I am sure that I will not be expelled because I will resign before reaching that point," he said.

"It is very important that the prime minister has a minister who follows a political line very close to his policy, and therefore I intend to resign to Teresa Mai before she goes to Buckingham Palace to resign (to Queen Elizabeth II) next Wednesday."


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