Warnings of students´ inability to attend universities in Gaza

A spokesman for the National Campaign to Stop Violations of Banks and Lending Institutions, Abdulhadi Muslim, warned on Saturday that a large percentage of students who passed the achievement exam "high school" and who have obtained rates that allow them to study in universities will not be able to register or enroll in them Because of the inability of their parents, employees who receive less than half of their salaries to pay their tuition fees

Muslim stressed, that these students will lose their future, and they will be a burden on their families, and their fate will be either the street or participation in the marches of return and the fight against the occupation, or joining militant organizations, or thinking about migrating abroad

He said: "The crushed employee is not now thinking about teaching his children in universities as much as he is thinking about providing them with food and the necessary needs in the context of the economic conditions that are very difficult, if he does not have loans or is not pursued by the police, prosecutors or homeowners.

He pointed out that the financial crisis will affect not only students, but reached universities significantly, because of the inability of employees to pay the tuition fees for their children, which led to the creation of a new crisis, which led to the university reducing the number of employees, and resorting to the system of advances.

He added: "The national campaign to stop violations of banks and lending institutions continues in its efforts to demand that the Palestinian Authority pay university fees to the children of employees from their dues."

Dr. Walid al-Kidwa, head of the campaign, presented a proposed plan for the government to pay tuition fees for employees in Palestinian, Egyptian and Arab universities from their dues, he said.

And we follow:" The proposal is based on the Ministry of Finance signing an agreement with the banks in Gaza to pay tuition fees for the children of employees from dues, with universities bearing the benefits and this applies to the payment of tuition fees for the children of employees enrolled in private schools in Palestine."

He stressed that this proposal, if implemented, will ease the burden on students and their families, revive Palestinian universities, and create a kind of relative stability within them.

The spokesman for the National Campaign to Stop Bank Inge concluded by offering congratulations and congratulations to the successful students in the achievement exam, saying: "God help you for what you have to suffer," wishing them success and success.

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