Universities in the Gaza Strip are ringing the alarm and the financial crisis is the most severe

The Palestinian public universities team in the Gaza Strip, consisting of the Islamic University, Al-Azhar University and the University College of Applied Sciences, held a workshop to discuss the repercussions of the financial crisis that afflicts major public education institutions operating in the Gaza Strip due to the current economic conditions resulting from Siege and closure, which was launched in the presence and participation of university presidents and officials of international donor institutions in Gaza.

Professor Rifaat Rustam welcomed the attendees and referred to the harsh economic reality that has cast a dark shadow on the various aspects of life in the Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip, particularly the major academic institutions, which have been unable to perform their assigned roles. Gaza strip.

Dr. Abdul-Khaleq Al-Farra, President of Al-Azhar University, said in his speech that the catastrophic crisis experienced by the universities in the Gaza Strip is not hidden by anyone, especially after reaching an unprecedented stage of deterioration. All sides and at various levels to save the fate of thousands of Gazan students, which threatens the community peace in the Gaza Strip as well as the fate of thousands of workers in the academic field.

For his part, Professor Nasser Farhat, President of the Islamic University, said that the difficult economic reality deprived thousands of high school graduates from attending university education for their inability to pay university fees despite the efforts of the universities to support and support these students, calling on donor institutions to intervene immediately and urgently to save the future. University education in the Gaza Strip through the submission of proposals and solutions available, pointing out the tremendous effects of the suspension of the work of academic institutions in the sector and the migration of minds and scientific and professional qualifications abroad.

For his part, Dr. Yahya Al-Sarraj reviewed the reality of the financial crisis in the three universities in recent years, which reached unprecedented levels, indicating through the figures and statistics how this crisis increased from financial debts to students because of their inability to pay fees due to them, There are a large number of graduates unable to extract their certificates, which hindered their integration into the labor market, as well as accumulated debt for the benefit of workers in these universities because of their inability to pay their salaries and financial dues in full.

In their contributions, donors stressed the importance of this workshop, which comes at a difficult time and a difficult stage for the Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip to shed light on the disaster facing the institutions of higher education and tens of thousands of students and thousands of academic staff. In which all efforts and potential and there is no one exempt from them.

The participants stressed the need to intervene urgently and to maintain the steadfastness of educational institutions in addition to finding sustainable solutions that enable these universities to get out of the dark tunnel they are going through. They presented a set of practical proposals that focused on directing donors and international projects towards the education sector, University.

The participants called for the need to organize international and popular campaigns and to enlist the support of the friends of the Palestinian people throughout the world by launching a unified appeal by universities and participating institutions to restore life and hope to the university education sector in Gaza, And activate the role of national institutions from major companies, banks and the Ministry of Higher Education to provide support to universities, in addition to providing financial support for the programs of editing university degrees, and the work of projects to empower young people, especially university graduates and create jobs for them.


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