Human rights center: 311 martyrs since the beginning of the return marches

 Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reported on Saturday that the toll of the number of martyrs of the return marches and the siege since its launch on 30 March 2018 has reached 311 martyrs, including 11 (3 of them children) Israeli occupation forces detain their bodies.

According to documentation, 44 children were martyred, along with two women, 9 people with special needs, 4 paramedics and two journalists.

A total of 17,443 Palestinians, including 4,186 children and 781 women, were injured, with up to 8758 live bullets, including 1,785 children and 173 women.

The number of casualties of medical personnel (246), which resulted in the injury of (202) paramedics, where the injury of 34 of them more than once, while the number of incidents of casualties of the press crews (241), resulting in injury (172) Forty-one of them were injured more than once.

PCHR deplores the continued attacks against participants in the rallies, journalists and medical staff, and considers them grave and systematic violations.

He also condemned the continued silence of the international community and its inability to fulfill its obligations, foremost of which is ending the siege of Gaza and advancing development, and prosecuting all those suspected of committing war crimes or those responsible for ordering them.

He stressed that the Israeli occupation forces will continue to commit more violations of the right to life and to attack the physical integrity of civilians, which requires rapid intervention and redoubled efforts to achieve justice in this region of the world.

Al Mezan calls on the international community to act urgently to stop the grave and systematic violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces, to protect civilians and to activate mechanisms for accountability and prosecution of all those suspected of serious violations as a sole means of ensuring respect for the rules of international law and justice in the Occupied Palestinian Territory .


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