Huawei organizes an open day for information technology in Jordan

HUAWI, the Chinese technology giant, has organized an open day in Jordan to highlight the importance of IT infrastructure in achieving digital transformation plans.

The two-day event was sponsored by Jordan's Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Muthanna Al Gharaybeh, in cooperation with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the participation of major operators in the telecommunications sector in Jordan.

Huawei introduced the latest digital solutions in the field of large data, cloud computing and smart city solutions, while participants presented advanced solutions in the digital economy.

"In the future, the world will be fully connected and in a smart way that will make everything available and sustainable," the statement quoted Huawei District Manager Paul Ving as saying.

He added that the digital transformation will enable everyone to benefit from the advantages and benefits of living in a smart world, pointing to the importance of increased adoption of governments and businesses to the latest technology.

Huawei's Open Information Technology Day will provide an open environment that gives leaders access to the technology tools they need to accelerate the digital transformation journey.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Jordan's Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, Ghazi Jabour, stressed the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors in keeping abreast of technological developments, pointing out that the Commission supports the digitization and facilitates the impediments to Jordan as a leader in the digital transformation.

"Digitization is the most important economic lever, as it contributes to providing an environment conducive to growth because it has the ability to reduce costs both on the national economy and on citizens," Jabour said.

Huawei's first open day in Jordan was attended by public and private service operators, industry investors and Huawei's public and private sector beneficiaries.


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