Death of Italian crime writer Andrea Camilleri

The Italian crime writer Andrea Camilleri, known as Inspector Montalbano, died at the age of 93, Rome's health authorities said Wednesday.

Cameleri died today at Santo Spirito Hospital after his already critical health condition deteriorated, the ASL 1 public health agency said in a statement.

The writer has been in hospital since June 17 after suffering a heart attack at his home.

Camilleri wrote about 30 novels in the Montalbano series, which present the character of a ruthless Sicilian police commander, but at the same time have a soft heart, known for the rebellion of the mind and appetite for local cuisine.

The books, first published in Italy in 1994, were translated into 30 languages ​​and converted into a successful television series by the Italian public television station RAI, which gave Camilleri worldwide fame.


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